01 What is Tiny House?
A mini-house in the countryside, a studio for students or singles, a mobile office, a commercial or catering facility and many more. You can move and park it whenever and wherever you want thanks to the chassis licensed for operation on public roads. The completed project can be easily driven about provided it weighs up to 3.5 tonnes.
02 Why MobiHouse?


The fill material for the walls and roof is wool or foam injected under pressure ensuring greater stability of the structure. The wood wool we use guarantees the highest insulation parameters, unlike traditional wool. This solution guarantees warmth in the winter and cool temperature in the hot summer.


Our houses are made from natural and environmentally friendly materials. A reinforced steel chassis ensures good balance and stability in handling the vehicle. The framing materials of walls and roof include wood and metal. For the interior we use the best materials available on the market, functional furniture and reliable electrical and plumbing installations. We also import some of our materials from Scandinavian countries, which guarantee a long use and no need to worry about the impact of weather conditions.

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Standard dimensions of the chassis are: length 5-7 m, width 2,5 m, height 4 m and weight up to 3.5 t. Fulfilling these criteria will enable to move freely on public roads if you own a driving licence category B + E.
Of course, we can make a bigger and heavier house if you wish. However, moving the house will require a transport service by a specialist company.


It’s the client who decides about the type of heating system depending on their needs. The simplest and cheapest solution is electric heaters and heating mats. Another solution is gas heating with replaceable cylinders. A fireplace burning briquettes, pellets or wood is a solution for people who love a warm and cosy atmosphere. Another possibility is an air conditioning or an air heat pump system.


The simplest solution is having access to traditional media such as electricity, water, sewerage. If any of these is unavailable, there are alternative solutions:

Electricity – solar panels with a set of batteries satisfying full energy demand. Other electric devices may be replaced with those operating on gas fuel from the cylinder.

Water – tanks for clean and grey water that can supply the necessary amount of water. Frequency of filling and emptying depends on the number of people and consumption.

Sewage – a compost toilet or connection to a septic tank or ecological sewage treatment plant.

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– installation of wireless Internet

– installation of digital or terrestrial TV

– installation of solar panels and batteries

– installation of an air conditioning or heat pump system

– a mobile terrace (an extra item)

– installation of an awning or sun sail

03 Our offer
The Mobi 01 project is the first house of the MobiHouse product line, 6 m long, 2.5 m wide, 4 m high. It has 5 sleeping places, a spacious kitchen, equipped living room, bathroom and PVC window frames together with pleats and mosquito nets.
04 MobiHouse is a good investment!
Both in the countries of the north, the west and in Poland, owning their own four corners, or renting a flat, office, commercial or gastronomic premises is a huge financial contribution and, unfortunately, a lifetime decision. Mobile homes break these rules and meet people who can not afford to build a house or buy a flat. It is a good way to find savings among various groups: singles, families, students as well as people working abroad. Instead of ‘standard’ rental, you can become the owner of your own home on wheels wherever you want. You save money that you can invest in buying mobile rental buildings. You become independent.
We are in the process of planning and implementing MOBI HOUSE CAMP in Białka Tatrzańska, in the immediate vicinity of the popular KOTELNICA ski slope. This will be a specially created zone for Tiny Houss purchased by our clients, and determined to put in a house with the possibility of attractive rental profits. MOBI HOUSE houses are an ideal way to earn even a dozen or so thousand zlotys a month. Regardless of what type: a year-round cottage, commercial and service premises, catering, mobile office. Buy and rent on your own or in cooperation with MOBI HOUSE.
05 Who we are?

We are a young family motivated by a desire to change our lifestyle and develop constantly. That’s why we have decided to set up a family business. Fed up with living out of a suitcase and being away from the family, we have overcome the fear of change and the risk of running our own business. This is how MobiHouse has been created.

06 Contact us!
MobiHouse Katarzyna Blok – Bartkowiak
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Tel. +48 511 198 010
Email: kontakt@mobihouse.pl