About us

We are a young family motivated by a desire to change our lifestyle and develop constantly. That’s why we have decided to set up a family business. Fed up with living out of a suitcase and being away from the family, we have overcome the fear of change and the risk of running our own business. This is how MobiHouse has been created.

Bartek, the father of the family, having worked in Norway for many years, learnt about the Scandinavian lifestyle and decided to move a part of that world to his native country. His precision, honesty and responsibility are the perfect features to create products of the highest quality. His long-lasting interest and continual expansion of knowledge in the subject of small functional spaces and the so-called “tiny houses” will make it possible to satisfy the expectations of the most demanding clients.

Kasia, the mother of the family and two girls, a perfect lady of the house, incessantly craves for family warmth and is a keen enthusiast of cooking. She wants to use her passion for cookery to make functional solutions in micro spaces. The warm and cosy atmosphere she creates will surely appeal to lovers of good taste and flavour.

Finally, Zosia and Marysia, our cute little rascals, for whom the family being together comes in the first place. Their contagious energy and optimism play an important role in continuing development and help overcome the biggest obstacles in creating new solutions. A crucial issue for them is how to fit a million toys into a few square metres.

Such a combination of four different characters sharing similar life goals allowed us to start a business that, we hope, will change the view of many people on their current style of living, work or will become a good way of investing savings.